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CL Bananas

Make $200 a Day Posting Craigslist Ads!…

Use My Ultimate Craigslist Posting System To Post Hundreds Of Ads On Craigslist. You Are GUARANTEED To Get Tons Of Buyers and Clients Off Craigslist.

Plus Make $200 a Day Posting Craigslist Ads!…

Remember Craigslist only allows you to post in a maximum of 3 cities per day. There are hundreds of cities available on craigslist to post these ads in. Once you get started, your job will be as simple as taking your ads and posting them in the 3 cities or more that you choose. I also teach you how you can post every day on CL without getting banned or get ghosted! Your paypal address will be linked to your website so after you post them, the money will automatically start rolling into your PayPal account. I don’t even care if you post on the same city as I do, Why? because it’s updated so often that it won’t matter, more love to go around.

It’s so exciting! Everyday I wake up and basically run to the computer and check my PayPal account for new payments. I also have an alert on my phone, that’s even cooler. I’ve been using these same ads since February of this year and there hasn’t been a day that I didn’t make any money. This will not make you rich but will definitely make you great extra money.

150 to 300 Leads Daily on Craigslist Without Being Flagged and Ghosted Again.

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About Queen Ciara-Adira

Ciara Hunter has been involved in online marketing & home based business building for over 2 years. Earning a full time income from home can be very challenging without direction. Ciara can assist you in accomplishing all of your goals, if you are coachable, motivated and determined… Be In Business For Yourself, But Never By Yourself… Each time you refer someone to the Instant Rewards Network you get paid $90. Step 1 earns you $20 from Instant Rewards Easy. When refer someone to IR 60 you get an additional $70 bucks. so if your goal is $90 a day you can do that by signing up just one person per day! I WILL SIGN YOU UP FOR FREE and TRAIN you on how to make $100 minimum daily with this system. I average $500 a day most of the time. I feel that it's my duty as a BLACK woman to spread this FREE knowledge to my community. Get $90 payments daily here http://www.instantrewardsnetwork.com/splash3.php?id=2837


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